6 in 1 SIM card
The concept of global village is being practicable. People usually own at least two or three different SIM cards from different countries.
Many business people own 2 or more SIM cards from different operators. Thus, we often see people open their phone and change to another SIM card when flight landing in a different country which is very inconvenient.
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....the solution you have been waiting for is here! This is for mobile phone users with more than one SIM card!
The new 6 in 1 Magic Sim with new Software features.
This high-technology Super Sim card allows you to copy up to 6 different sim cards and networks, including phone book, ring tones, SMS messages, etc. onto this one Super Sim.

Use it to back up sim cards just in case you lose the original card

Super Sim comes with software which will be installed on your computer and lets you manage the sim copy process. On the software CD you will find a user manual which will lead you step by step through the copy process.

Super Sim adds an extra menu option to your mobile phone menu called 'Multi Number' and enables you to switch between different numbers via STK function. This option permits users to have a number of different networks operating on the one Super Sim. A fantastic product that facilitates life for mobile phone users with more than one phone number.

The Super Sim kit consists of a software CD, the USB Sim reader/writer, & of course the Super Sim Card.

The Sim USB connector with 6 in1 Card is a Multi Sim Reader/Writer with advanced system STK which can combine 6 mobile numbers (Sim cards) from different areas, countries or different network numbers in just one Super Sim card. A smart design of this Super Sim can now solve problems for people who own several mobile numbers and always wonder which one to bring when they go out. With the Super Sim card, you can combine all your mobile numbers on one Sim card. The operating process is very easy, with the software and the manual provided, you will be able to operate it and switch it to the number or network that you wish. This way, the problem of changing sim cards will be avoided. You are able to download and edit your Sim card's phone book and SMS messages, change the PIN code of your card and implement other useful functions. The Sim kit contains one Super Sim which can store up to 6 numbers (from the same or different networks) as well as the USB Sim card read/writer and software. On your Mobile phone you get a new Menu that allows you to change between numbers and networks by just clicking at the numbers and networks stored in the menu.

Do NOT use with rechargable SIM cards or the new 3G SIM cards. V1 cards only. Be sure before you order!!

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